Quantum Technology is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field, at the intersection of physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. It employs the fundamental properties of quantum systems to realize practical devices and applications for quantum simulations and computing, communication and cryptography, sensing and metrology.

Since its inception, the field of Quantum Technology progressed rapidly, with recent numerous theoretical and experimental breakthroughs. Although quantum physics has  already numerous everyday technological applications (such as lasers and transistors), when one refers to Quantum Technology the emphasis is on applications of the so called Quantum Information Science.  Applications of Quantum Information Science differ from existing applications  of quantum physics, by harnessing fundamental quantum phenomena (such as superposition, entanglement) to process and transmit information with efficiency and security that greatly exceed existing capabilities.

The Greek Initiative in Quantum Technology (GIQT) constitutes an informal association of research groups and individuals, from all Greek Universities and Institutes, whose research activities are directly pertinent to Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST). The main mission of GIQT is to foster QIST in the Greek academia. The purpose of this web site is to introduce newcomers to the world of QIST, and at the same time to keep those familiar with QIST, up to date on recent advances in this rapidly developing field. Moreover, the reader will find information about research activities and events within  Greece, which are directly to QIST.